Monday, April 9, 2012


Today we toured the north and popped in to the family store and eatery of family Schwartzman at Bat Shlomo. There are a variety of tasty cheeses, bottles of olives, marinated cheeses, herbs and spices and a show of old fashioned tools and kitchen ware. The atmosphere is yesterday and the place has a charm and atmosphere of its own.
We always enjoy cheeses at Passover, as it is a good break from eggs for dairy meals. Whether it is soft, creamy sfatit or the strong aroma of Parmesan, cheese is useful to enhance a dish or simply on a slice of Matzo.

I like to create good salads and add grated Bulgari, feta or ricotta to the vegetables. You only need to add olive oil, lemon, salt , pepper, pesto, or sun dried tomatoes, a little pomegranate juice or balsamic vinegar and the dressing is the final touch.

I love to use goats cheese slices on a thick slice of cucumber, or lightly fried eggplant, on zucchini slices or on half a fig and grill it for two minutes in the oven. You can put a little olive oil on top and the snack is delicious.
Sliced mozzarella cheese, with mint leaves or pesto and tomatoes on a bed of lettuce, topped with a dressing are a great salad.

Cheeses are also a great addition to scones, muffins and in quiches.

Use cheese at room temperature and store them well wrapped in the fridge afterwards.

The countryside is lush and green with many olive trees, fruit trees in full bloom and fields of swaying wheat and vegetables growing everywhere.

Have a great Passover week and enjoy the family time . Love and light Rona

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