Sunday, January 6, 2013

2013.....................................  Start the year with healthy and mindful decisions.

Make this the year that you THINK what you eat.
Make this the year that you care what happens to our friends the animals, the fish and birds.
 Make this the year that you plant vegetables and fruits to eat.
 Make this the year that you ARE WHAT YOU EAT.
 Let this be the year that you only put good food and nourishment into your body, that is your Temple

 Diets. I do not recommend diets. You diet for two weeks and lose fourteen days.
I do not like fads and trends. No success with starving to lose weight  for a while.
Listen to Dr Oz, he is sense and understands where we live, what we are faced with  concerning food choices. . Read Dr Dean Ornish,   he is  amazing about soul food for mind and physical wellness.
Read Dr Mercola for more knowledge about minerals and vitamins, foods for people and animals. .
Please ask Grandma what they ate for breakfast This is the PLACE to start.
Grandma is 80 and she reached this age with a good programme for eating. No car runs without petrol, oil and water. No body is ready for an 8 hour day on nothing, just coffee at work.  Look after your bodies needs, know what the intake of foods and nutrients should be. Find time to care for your health.

I like people who think about a school lunch box.  They are caring about their  family and kids.
I like kids who fill the dogs  bowl with fresh water daily.
I am happy that the birds get some food in a seed box in the garden and I love people who remember that
 gardens are a place of growth for fruits and vegetables,

 Plan to EAT what is in season. The price is right, the food is local and fresh.
 Plan to make food simple. Pasta will not turn into the plum fairy if you decorate it with eleven ingredients
 Plan to use lemon juice, olive oil and  herbs for a healthy salad dressing.
Do not choose fifty shades of juices for cooking, forty ways to make an omelette  and thirty days of alternative ideas for a zucchini 
Steam vegetables, bake vegetables. eat them raw and  enjoy their ordinal taste.
 Buy a grater, blender and vegetable slicer for  quick and easy preparation.
Include the family in meal preparation. This is where they learn.
 Keep shopping basic and simple. Healthy grain breads, they do not need twenty nuts, cranberries, sliced pears, olives and all that jazz.  Eat those separately. Just keep it simple and healthy.
Butter is butter, do not add mayonnaise, or spicy mustard s. Eat butter as butter.
Cook oats, semolina, rice, barley, lentils, beans , kasha, quinoa   and pasta as they are

Use good Kitchen utensils for cooking and storage. Glass is the best. Plastic is out for storage these days  Keep glass in the fridge . Do not freeze in foil. Use paper to wrap the cheeses and cut vegetables

Remember food advice is endless. Just take into account that you as parents set the example.
Eat at the table and allow only cut up carrots, apples and nuts at the TV.
Check that  elimination of the kids is regular.
 Drink water and do not even have soda pops and sugary stuff in the house. Use herb teas after a meal.
Eat SLOWLY and CHEW foods.
Do not eat if you are upset or angry.
 Eat with sense of gratitude and MINDFULL NESS of what you are putting into your body.

Bon Appetit and have lovely, nourishing, relaxed meals.
Love and light  ...RONA   .

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