Saturday, January 26, 2013

We all love exploring the countyside after the rains. The  excitement of green lush fields, the shades of different greens of trees and foliage and the feeling that the earth, trees and hills, are filled with water and possibility of new growth , is wonderful.

We went to Gilboa up north and did a lovely trail. We walked along and saw all varieties of the Anemone family bursting through rocks, little clumps of earth and hiding in the shade of lovely fern like growth. There are ranunculus too.  There were masses of pastel  shades, pinks, lilacs, dark pinks and white cyclamens graciously tossing their heads into the sun. What a treat

Dozens of families, kiddies, strollers, dogs and excited photographers  were part of the joyous groups along the paths. We did the Barkan walk and I recommend you to grab the picnic baskets,  water, cameras  and family and just do is the time to catch the early blooms of Winter. Soon the lupines and  iris will be in bloom.

Nature in her glory is food for the soul. After tiring weeks of concrete, city congestion, impatient drivers on the highways, endless red stop light, you need GREEN.  Green hills, green to relax the soul and give you the feeling a a deep breath of energy and nature.  Make time to go out and enjoy the world around you  Walk slowly and take in all the little things, see the changing seasons, hear the birds and make sure you tune in to the gentle vibration of earth. Feel the new energies and a deep appreciation of the beauty of a wonderful world.
 Have a wonderful winter..............  Love and light .Rona

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