Tuesday, January 15, 2013

sts By Others

  • I often receive emails that explain why I have all the assortment of friends in my life. Some to speak to , others who listen, some who are fun, good sports to go out with, great company over a dinner with wine. There are those who advise me, tell me what to do and how.......... explain what I said that was wrong, give me tips I store in my memory box and even some who tell me my doctor is wrong, my payments for services are weird and finally those who make me feel each day they matter more.

    The general idea that socializing with people, being in groups with their dynamics .different opinions and interests are healthy, is spreading. There is nothing new here. People need people, kids need friends and no matter what our age is, we need like minded folks in our daily circle I have always treasured my friends and need them daily in my life. I like knowing their good news and sharing the things that make them proud. I am always ready to share their problems and hold a hand that needs comfort.

    The warmth of family and friends is therapeutic, rewarding and infuses our souls with love and joy. I am reading book that was written in 1975 by Irving Stone "The Greek Treasure" It is about the hunt for the city of Troy. A great read. The love and warmth of the Greek family fills many pages and we feel how it is part of the DNA of each one of the clan. The film "Greek Wedding" also gave us that warmth, the general attitude that everything that happens in the family, is of vital news and importance.
    Wellness, self esteem and feelings of being cared about. promote good health, overcome loneliness and depression from our lives.

    Remember that we can make life more meaningful daily, by sharing , caring and loving our friends and families. No one is perfect and neither are we. No one knows all the answers and we learn daily. Experience and living life are tools that enrich our lives.

    Folks, take this day and make it splendid for all of you. You will gain joy, feel warmth and spread the magic called Happiness.
    love and light Rona

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