Monday, February 16, 2009

FAMILY NOURISHMENT. think healthy . think calories

Some days we need a quick menu . Here are a few ideas for meals during cold weather.

Soup, Potatoes and Grilled mushrooms.
Make a vegetable soup that is served with slices of bread and grated cheese. Have whole-wheat grissini sticks, butter and cubed cheeses for the kids to add to the bowl of soup.

Bake enough potatoes for the whole family. While they are baking sauté three cut up onions and three cloves of garlic in olive oil. Then add two cups of cut up mushrooms, black pepper and vegetable salt. When the mushrooms are soft, add two cups of yogurt and heat through on a lower flame. Serve over the potatoes and enjoy.

Pasta, stir fried vegetables and toasted cheese cubes.
Stir fry onions, thinly sliced carrots, leeks, garlic cloves, zucchini slices, cubed egg plant, cauliflower and a handful of peas. Add this to the olive oil in the pan with salt, pepper and two tablespoons of soya sauce. When the vegetables are done, remove them to a oven ish and sauté the cubed cheese for a few minutes. Before frying the cheese moisten with yogurt and sesame seeds. Then serve the pasta on a large plate covered with the vegetables and cheese cubes. Serve hot cups of soup and a
fresh green salad and a plate of fresh tomato slices and mint leaves. Makes a filling meal

Eggs, a rich tomato gravy and cous cous,

Make a sauce of sautéed onions, one grated carrot, three peeled tomatoes, a dash of black pepper and vegetable salt. Add one teaspoon of honey and crushed garlic. Add one large cup of tomato puree and one cup of boiling water. Simmer on low. It should be fairly thick. Drop in an egg or two for each person and let it cook for five minutes. Serve over a bed of hot cous cous and chopped parsley over it all. This is tangy and delicious.

When you need to cook up a storm for a hungry clan, use lots of large plates, make vegetables that can be converted tomorrow. If you have three potatoes over, just add mayonnaise and herbs. Left over vegetables can be made into soups.

Boil eggs and make heaps of toast, fresh chopped salad, humous, techina , pickles and olives for a hungry crowd of kids. They love creating their own plate when it is all laid out on the table. For desserts they will eat sliced up fruit on a large tray. Put tooth picks in and they will eat it all. Kids are lazy to cut up fruit. I add washed dates, raisins and some nuts too.

Remember food needs to look fresh, colorful and presented on a large plate. Use color on the table that excites the kids; fun colored serviettes and odd glasses. Make it help yourself with cutlery stacked in flower pots and straws in a tall glass. When you are hungry, the greatest feeling is to walk in and there is the cared about feeling. It is not difficult to do and speaks endless words of love.

Have a week that is balanced.
Love and light and happy to hear from you RONA

PS My Passover booklet is ready and can be ordered from me .All meals are designed with the thought of balancing health CALORIES, EASY PREPARATION, nourishing and easy meals with litlle effort.

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