Sunday, February 22, 2009



Today people all over the world are facing changes they did not ask for, do not want and need new tools to cope with developing situations. The financial stresses have given us a warning to redesign our living, define our needs and work out plan B, in case the existing plans need change.

Firstly one needs honesty, a direct approach and time to sit down and look at all of it in black and white.

Action for change is necessary to cope with what we need, what we have and where we are heading.

Begin with eliminating unnecessary frivolities. Drinking latte on the way to work is a luxury we can save for special celebrations. Make healthy lunch boxes for work. Eat at home and take a snack for the journey there and back. There you are, you have saved nearly 500 in the household on junk "on the go"

Buy once or twice a week with a list that is designed to include everyone's whims and favorite foods. Purchase lots of vegetables and fruits in season and learn how to create meals that are nourishing and filling. Our grandparents lived to a ripe old age without spicy TV snacks and green and purple soda drinks.

Do not buy specials that sit in the pantry for weeks…….buy the best you can for a week or two. There are always festivals and the necessary foods come on special so that everyone can purchase them. Check the prices, against the weight, not the height of the box. Make sure the household cleaners are safe and practical You can use easy cleaners for everyday maintenance. They work with some elbow grease.

Cut out tons of trash like magazines, newspapers that lie unopened and waiting to be ditched. It is better to talk to each other than converse with a multitude of gossip about people and starS that really do not affect your daily living. I know some people chat about Brad and Cindy, Cole and Shelli…..catch a wake up. Tomorrow it will not matter. You need to focus on the people who matter to you. Forget about the cheap trips to Timbuktu too. Plan your holiday with sense and to suit the budget and family.

Look for the sales at the end of season and buy with a list. Impulse buying is wasteful and time consuming. Recycle and give away what others can use. It makes you feel good and the clothes are delighted to be worn…instead of being stuck in a packet.

I love practical gifts that can be used and needed. Chocolates and cookies work well and of course a book and music. But at my age I do not need sexy aprons, another mirror to check my lipstick, fourteen cake lifters and magic cloths to wipe spills. Let it spill, let the dust just sit there, let any knife work for the date loaf and enjoy small things like a greeting and card, that spells I care.

The guys I know do not even want seven different books that teach home carpentry….it is a new world. The retraining seminars tell you to come and learn from scratch. You find how to eliminate a scratch and together you all solve the problems of bolts and screws. People need people and courses for learning are better that a book of 1000 pages of ideas.

Now for the bits and pieces. Try to do odd jobs yourself. Darning and mending are necessary in every home. Have a button bottle and a sewing kit. You need to know the basics Have a shoe polish kit, It is a necessity in every household.

A tool box is vital in the home. Go to the store with the kids and let them learn what you needs for basic repairs. A few nails, a hammer, screwdriver and some magic glue that is "safe" solves many problems.

An ironing board has a function, so learn to iron your shirt

You do not have to be a rocket scientist for these easy chores.

You will learn that a birthday cake can be made for half the price of a glossy glue one in color. Easy meals are fine to share, lift schemes are practical and using any subscriptions to theatre, shows and clubs, are easy to share and give to each other instead of wasting them. I find that giving old folks a ride on the way, fetching foods for a busy mother and helping those who are alone, is a way of making difficult times sweeter. You do not need a bouquet of fifty flowers to say I care

Sit down once a month and review life. It is a gift to have a good day Realize the value on health and joy.

Let 2009 be the year you find good ways, sunny days and a smile to end your day. I send you love and light, healing and warmth to make you feel great Rona

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