Saturday, February 28, 2009

winter at home. WINTER INDOORS.


The rains have arrived. Winds, cold and wet everywhere. This is the time to stay warm, dressed properly and make each day great , even though you are indoors.
I feel this is the time to think. So many of us go through the week and never stop to think ...just sit and think. Of course there is so much to do. So make a list , put it down and now think.

Make a mental note of all the things we have to be grateful for. Work out all the different people you see in a week. In the car, on the bus, on the train, at the market, post office , at work, visiting the store to buy food, when you fetch children and taker them to activities. Think about the people you call and make social plans and the necessary visits to Dentist, Doctor, School Teachers, hairdresser, gym class, the garage to buy petrol, the laundry and the florist, green grocer. The visit to the bank, Pharmacy and of course to meet friends for a warm cup of coffee. This is why you have no time to think…Use your time to mull through the issues to deal with.……………….

Make time for the small things.
Create time to knit for a poor child.
Find time to pop in and see an older friend who does not get around easily.
Use your free time to call a few people who need the phone to ring..
Endeavour to tidy up and throw away junk. Sort out good clothes to give to the needy.
Cook a pot of soup early mornings of the week end. The kitchen will be warm and you can freeze left over's for next week end.
Make extra cookies and muffins with the kids. Learn to make Pancakes that create a super family meal on a lazy Saturday night.
Sort out all the books you want to read and share with others.
Arrange the clothes for summer.
Now is the time to tidy writing papers, greeting cards and little gifts for upcoming holidays. I like to browse through all the gifts I have bought and wrap them in cellophane paper and have them on hand for a rushed gift. When I go abroad I love to give Israeli cards. The scenes of the Dead Sea, the cities and wonderful landscapes are always welcome abroad.

Plan a kit for long Saturdays and Sundays. Here is an idea.

First buy Popcorn. Have honey, molasses or a good Maple syrup to sprinkle on the popped corn.
Have a quick [pancake mix that the kids can make. Use the recipe here.
Buy French loaves, lots of whole wheat rolls, crackers and rice crackers.
Choose some cheeses, sliced cheese and grated mozzarella.
Remember olives, pickled cucumbers, tomatoes and dried tomatoes in olive oil,
Humous, techina and easy to spread lebane, cream cheese and some herbs to sprinkle. Use parsley, oregano and basil.
Buy extra milk, chocolate and cocoa powder to make hot drinks. Sprinkle cinnamon on them. Have a few bottles of Apple Cider to make a hot drink. Buy Soya and Rice milk for fun milk shakes.

2 cups of flour. 4 eggs. One and a half cups of milk. 2 tablespoons butter.
I melt the butter on a low flame. Remove and mix in all the ingredients . Beat together and pour into a jug.
Heat a non stick pancake pan and pour in a little amount, swirl the pan and cook on a medium flame. Just turn out when it bubbles. Have apple sauce, cinnamon, chocolate sauce, grated almonds, jam, honey or your favorite cream cheese ready. Fill. Roll and serve.

My grandchildren, Gahl, Eden and Daniel, make dozens of these for the friends who sleep over and I know my Daughter and son in law wake up in time to enjoy them too. They can be rolled and kept for later too. They can even be served for dessert after dinner with a spoon of vanilla ice cream and chocolate grated over it all.

3 cups of apple cider, 3 cups of water, 3 cloves, a cinnamon stick or half a teaspoon of cinnamon, a tea bag of green tea or English tea and a teaspoon of honey. Heat all in a pot on a low flame and serve hot. I cut up lemon and orange slices into the drink as well .

This is wonderful. Warm the Soya milk in a pot with a teaspoon of Nutella chocolate mix, to every cup of milk. Serve with buttered toast. The kids will love this hot treat.

Have a great week. Remember the cold snaps, the indoor days are special bonding time and make space for laughter, memories and giggles. Soon you will bask in the sun………………………………………love and light Rona

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Mk said...

Imale-what about a Pancake breakfast?! It all seems so yummy!!
Love your Blog.