Monday, February 9, 2009

valentine, ideas to express love


This is an occasion and the day you can say I LOVE YOU in many different ways.
There is the element of surprise when you receive cards from the unknown and gifts that say so much and you need to guess where and who they came from. But it is a chance to say THANKS for being just you and I love you. Be enthusiastic about joy and love, it is worth everything.


For Grand pa…….order a chocolate cigar with his name on a paper ring on it.. Any chocolate maker can produce these.
For Grand ma…….create little chocolates for her bridge game. Choose a song she loves and ice each cookie you make with a word on it, that spells the song. I love you

For loved ones.

Order flowers that arrive every Friday for a month…..with a message that in the end is a complete poem for the person you love.

Make a recording for the person you love on your cell phone and call them

Give a voucher to the younger set for the coffee bar or a pizza place. That is such fun.

Send an invitation for breakfast to a restuarant. Have a bunch of flowers on the table

Order red roses and red covered chocolates tied with red ribbons.

Wrap a red bow on the steering wheel with chocolates and nougat tied to it.

Put a warm pair of red socks with cozy slippers next to the bed.

Make dessert with meringue and cream covered with strawberries, tied with a red ribbon.

Write I LOVE YOU on the car window with red lipstick.

Send a gift from the jewelry store wrapped in red and masses of ribbons.

Order tickets for a concert with red wrapped chocolates in the envelope..

For kids ,send the balloon man to deliver ice creams at the door with red balloons.

Surprise everyone at the office with a tray of lovely snacks and cherry tomatoes….

Frame a lovely photograph for his or her desk.
Choose a picture of the favorite pet at home and put it in s colorful frame for the computer table. Choose a mouse pad with something cute.
Place a few crystals at the TV and computer to clear the air.
Arrange a few herbs in a basket in a sunny window spot..

Create a lovely meal at home with desserts of red and white…….pink pears in wine, marshmallows decorated with hearts, heart shaped pizzas, strawberries, blackberries and a creamy custard.

Finally just be you…warm, caring and there to lighten up the day. I love you , not just today, but every day.

Love and light, Rona

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