Saturday, May 22, 2010

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We all have moments that there is a mob for the early evening meal, or a crowd after a day at the pool or beach, and they are famished.

Create sandwiches that are prepared a day ahead. Knowing the week end is here, shop on Wednesday for good vegetables, cheeses, tofu and eggs. Grill some eggplants, sweet red and yellow peppers and bake some garlic  cloves and onions. Boil a dozen of eggs and some potatoes.
Sweet  red and yellow peppers. Bake these and rinse with cold water. Peel off the skins. Cut into strips. Place in a dish with vegetable salt, pepper, some of the garlic cloves and olive oil.
Egg[plant. Grill in the oven and when ready, cut in half and scoop out the eggplant. Mix in a blender with olive oil, salt and pepper. You can add garlic.
Boiled eggs. Boil the eggs and keep ready to mash. You can use mayonnaise, chopped .
parsley, a few pieces of mint, chopped onions and even some olive oil and herbs.
Potatoes can be sliced and spread a little mustard  on them for sandwich fillings.
Tofu. This can be prepared any style and kept ready in slices or grated for sandwiches.
Olives, green and black, Pickled cucumbers, sun dried tomatoes, pesto sauce, mustard and  mushrooms can be used for fillings Don't forget.hummous, techina, cottage cheese, sliced cheese and Marmite and peanut butter.
You can create a buffet. Place all the rolls , breads, pitot  crackers into little baskets , or on a large tray.
 Have butter, hummous, techina, cottage and any other spreads  in individual bowls, with a spreading knife or spoon in each. Prevents double dipping and spoilage.
Arrange all the baked foods, cut up tomatoes, cucumbers, sun dried tomatoes,  washed lettuce,parsley and herbs on another tray. Have knives and spoons to serve them.
Have small trays or plates, serviettes and jugs of cool drinks ready.

People love help yourself meals and you can relax too. Remember dessert for  last minute meals must be easy and re usable. If you have cake and cookies, great. If not, buy an assortment of all the ice creams that are in fashion. Choose all varieties that suit kids, people on milk free diets {soya}  glace ices and  wicked chocolate one for our chocolate lovers. Take a large tray and fill it with ice . Arrange the ices on this and sprinkle with petals.  What ever is not used , goes back in the freezer for next time.

End the evening off with a warm drink and a cookie ....enjoy Milo,Ovaltine or prepare a large flask of hot chocolate drink

 Have a good week and I  hope the  end of term tests, graduations and  parties all go off  well.   Enjoy, enjoy it all
  Love and light,              Rona

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