Saturday, May 22, 2010

smell the flowers, be real , make a good life.


Every day some one advises you to stop and smell the flowers ....have you done this  today?

Being aware is a level of consciousness, It is the inner self that is sensitive enough to understand others and be tolerant of where they are at this moment. We are all guilty of intolerance and  misunderstanding those close to us Often we share guilt for our actions and behavior in these situations. We need to have empathy, patience and kindness in our souls.
So try to think this through and be the one who can make the supreme effort to stop and smell the roses, look at them and in those moments, try to understand a little more.

I recently went to the Arboretum in Dallas. We did not have to stop and smell the flowers. Thousands of the most exquisite tulips, flowers of every description and color shared their beauty with us. The people walking around, old folks, kids, babies in prams, swinging youngsters, all enjoyed the beauty and miracle of the blooms.  Thank heavens for people who take care of beauty, who lovingly plant and plan gardens for the world to enjoy.

Take a few pots and fill them with blooms in season, with tomatoes, peppers and herbs, like mint, geranium, rosemary, parsley and fennel. You will love picking them for salads and cooking.  Little bulbs of onions grow easily and it is fun to pick some green onions for a tang in  your omelets, salad greens and cooked foods.
I was lucky enough to visit the Desert Gardens in Phoenix, Arizona, a while ago and there the cacti, desert aloes, succulents and rock plants were a feast of beauty. We can travel through the desert and see sand, or we can look and find exquisite wonders of nature , who survive on very little water and come into bloom in spite of winds, dryness and desert conditions. The delicacy of blooms always amazes me and I also find a magic, how the spikes and thistles do their bit by protecting the little flowers.
 Nature balances beauty and takes care of it all. Look at roses. The beauty of a rose, the softness of petals...................and then the thorns that are on the stems . We are given rose petals to thrill our senses and thorns to protect them.

So with the way you live, what you do every day,  where you go, what you eat and who you spend quality time with, makes you who you are.

Always be real. Be yourself. Do not judge others. You never know what you would do in their  situations.  Be kind and remember, everyone out there is having to cope with a battle of their own and a war within, you cannot see.

Little things mean a lot,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,do lots of little things that matter. Make each day the best you can.
Love and light Rona

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