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Shavuoth is a holiday that celebrates the  harvest season. Shavuoth, being seven weeks since Passover.It
is the anniversary of the giving of the Ten Commandments to Moses and the Israelite people  at Mount Sinai.

We celebrate the first fruits of the season and eat fresh foods and dairy meals .

Plan your holiday with happy arrangements of flowers, leaves, fruits and  leaves. Use bright colors and make the table look like a tribute to the   land of milk and honey.

Choose some  good cottage cheese, cream cheese and you can mix these to make  tasty dips and fillings for a quiche, blintzes or pancakes.


Choose a large tray and  cover it with wax paper and fresh grape leaves or flower leaves.Place a few uncut cheeses on it, cubed cheddar cheese with a toothpick in each and some cheese balls.
I make the cheese balls with crushed nuts, a few spices and cream cheese. Grate some yellow cheese and add .Roll into balls and cover with zatar, sesame and sunflower seeds.

UNCUT CHEESES. Here you can choose  from Emek , Gilboa, Roquefort,  Rolls of Goats cheese and some Camembert and Emental. . I use cubes of Cheddar and sliced Mozzarella. Arrnage a few knives on the tray. Use Bulgari cubes, with a little zatar on it and olive oil. Feta is good on a salad. I grill Halumi, cut into strips and coat this with crushed pecan nuts. Use these on a green salad.
Place the cheese with some  washed dried fruit, figs, apricots and dates. I add a few flowers and grapes to the tray.
 Place crackers and breads nearby. You can have a techina spread in a bowl, pesto and some olive pate. People love creating their own nash plate. Olives and pickled cucumbers finish the picture.  This is a great starter for everyone.
 You can serve apple cider juice with mint leaves or some cold tomato juice. Cold grape juice , mixed with ice cubes, is great  for every one. Wines go well with this meal and a glass of cold cava with a few pomegranate pips and mint leaves make a good drink.

For  a quick quiche, simply  use crushed crackers mixed with a little olive oil and herbs.  Mix and spread into a baking pan. Place in fridge for an hour. Then fill with a mixture of eggs, cream cheese , a grated onion, apple and  a few herbs and  diced broccoli, cauliflower, zucchinis or cooked sweet potato. Bake and serve hot with a good green .


 I Packet of Marie Petit Beulah Biscuits.
100 grams butter.
1 packet Instant Lemon or Vanilla Pudding..
250 grams cream cheese.
250ml yogurt.
250 ml cream .
 Melt butter and crushed bixcuits. Press into a dish.
Beat the cream until it is thick and add the yogurt and cream cheese. Add the pudding. Mix and pour into the base. Refrigerate for two hours. Serve with  ice cream  or hot Nutella chocolate sauce.
I find that it is good with a  few slices of grilled mango, orange or peach and pear slices on the side. Sprinkle with icing sugar and voila , it looks great.


Take 6 bananas and cut them into halves, lengthways. Arrange them in a large baking dish and sprinkle with orange juice, sugar and cinnamon. Sprinkle dots of butter all over and bake in a medium oven for fifteen minutes. Cover the bananas with chopped marshmallows and bake  for five minutes more..
Serve with ice cream, vanilla yogurt or a soya caramel pudding................

  DESSERT FOR EVERYONE..................

Take a large  deep dish or baking tray. Cover with foil   Fill with chunks of ice cubes ,petals and leaves of flowers. Arrange all the individual and mini ice creams on top. Use a variety of all kinds and the kids and  adults will love to choose their favourites. I arrange grapes, peaches and fruits in season between all the ices. Easy, do it last minute . Have fun.

Remember, planning and preparation ahead, makes entertaining easier.


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